6 Signs You Need to Repipe Your Home

Is it time to repipe your home? That’s a question many Tennessee homeowners find themselves asking. One of the easiest ways to know whether your home needs repiping is if it has old metal pipes, but how else can you tell? Today, Mid Tenn Home Solutions has your answer. Keep reading to learn six signs you need to repipe your home.

If you notice any of these signs, please get in touch with our plumbers right away. We’ll inspect your home and pipes to determine whether you truly need a repiping or if you’re having a different problem altogether. We proudly serve residents in La Vergne, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding Nashville area.

photo of a leaking pipe

You Notice Your Pipes Are Leaking

Many factors can lead to leaking pipes, but when it’s a constant problem, repiping is your best solution. If your pipe leaks are occurring in the same spot, we’ll address that section to fix it. But when you have several leaks throughout your home, that points to a significant issue that requires complete repiping.

You Experience Frequent Clogs

Depending on when your home was built, it may be more susceptible to clogged pipes. If your pipes are over 50 years old, Mid Tenn Home Solutions recommends that you schedule a repiping service to put an end to the blockages.

photo of a woman unclogging a sink
photo of dirty water coming out of a faucet

Your Water Is Discolored or Smells Strange

Did you know the condition of your home’s water can tell you about the state of your home’s pipes? Discoloration and odor are two of the strongest indicators that something is wrong. Rusted or deteriorating pipes will cause water to have an unpleasant smell and change its color to yellow, red, or brown. Because of the effect these issues have on your water supply, you’ll need a repiping right away.

You Find Signs of Pipe Corrosion

By inspecting your home’s pipes yourself, you can spot signs of pipe corrosion if they exist. It’s important to replace your pipes if you notice these signs; otherwise, you could encounter costly leaks as the problem worsens. Call our plumbers if you notice any of the following on your pipes:

  • Stains
  • Rust
  • Peeling
photo of a corroded pipe
photo of some using a wrench on water pipes

Your Pipes Are Making Noises

When your pipes are healthy, you won’t hear noise from them. If you’re hearing banging, gurgling, or creaking sounds, that’s a clear indication that your pipes need attention. An increase in pipe noises is often a result of old age, but total repiping will fix the issue and restore silence in your home.

You Have Low Water Pressure

Many families prefer strong water pressure because it’s convenient for bathing, washing dishes, and other activities. If you notice your water pressure is gradually (or even suddenly) decreasing, that could point to something being wrong with your pipes. To solve this problem and get your water pressure back to where it should be, you need to repipe your home.

photo of someone turning on a faucet

Mid Tenn Home Solutions Can Help

In order to maintain your home’s pipes and plumbing, inspect your pipes regularly and be on the watch for any of the signs we’ve discussed today. If you notice anything wrong with your pipes or you suspect you may need a repiping service, Mid Tenn Home Solutions is here to help. Our plumbers are ready to serve homeowners in La Vergne, Brentwood, and Murfreesboro and ensure their water supply is fresh and uncontaminated. You can count on our top-quality work and fast, reliable solutions to get the job done. Call us today to schedule your repiping service.

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