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If you've ever had your hot water heater go out, you know how disruptive to your life this can be. From taking a shower to washing your clothes, the dishes, and your hands, hot water has become something that we all rely on. Here at Gold Star Plumbing, we offer the best water heater services in our service areas of La Vergne, Brentwood, and Murfreesboro, TN and the surrounding Nashville area. We install, repair, and maintain both tankless water heaters and traditional water heaters. Learn more below, and contact us for a free estimate today!

Water Heater Repairs

Water heaters, like all electronic and mechanical devices, wear out and can stop working properly. In that instance, it's best to call a professional water heater repair company, such as Gold Star Plumbing. There are many common water heater repairs you should be aware of, including:

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Oftentimes, the water is too cold for your liking, which can indicate a faulty thermostat or heating element.

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Leaks are not only annoying, but they can be costly, too, if they cause damage to other areas of your home. This can be improper water pressure, a bad gasket, a leaking water tank, and more.

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Rusty water is most likely caused by corrosion inside your water tank and its lining.

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Weird noises coming from your Tennessee water heater is never a good thing. It can be caused by several things, including sediment build-up.

When you notice any of the aforementioned water heater issues or any other issue that is causing you problems, call our local plumbing company for water heater repair today.

Water Heater Installation

There are many reasons you may need a new water heater installed. It could be old, it could be worn out, or you may want to upgrade your traditional hot water heater to a tankless heater. Either way, our plumbing company can help. With water heater installation services available in all of our service areas near Nashville, including La Vergne, Brentwood, and Murfreesboro, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Depending on what type of hot water heater you have, the installation process could look different. In general, however, the water heater installation process involves:

  • Draining the hot water from the hot water tank and hoses (even from a tankless water heater).
  • Disconnecting all the lines and screws, including the gas and electrical lines
  • Removing the old hot water heater
  • Installing and connecting the new hot water heater
  • Testing it before we leave to ensure everything is correct

Contact our local plumbing company in order to schedule your water heater installation service today.

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Are You Getting All the Hot Water You Need?


There’s nothing worse than running out of hot water in the middle of a shower. If your water heater has given up, turn to Gold Star Plumbing for water heater installation services. We can replace your faulty water heater with a more modern, energy-efficient unit. Our team services all brands, and we’ll help you find a model that meets your needs and budget.

The last thing you want is to wait until you have a bigger problem on your hands. Reach out to our team for a free estimate when you call us at 615-239-5544!


Do you currently have a traditional water heater? Explore these advantages of upgrading to a tankless water heater:

1. Tankless units have a longer service life
2. Tankless units are more energy-efficient
3. You may see a reduction in your utility bills

Gold Star Plumbing will be glad to consult with you about installing a tankless unit. Contact us today to arrange for tankless water heater installation services in the Nashville area, and start on the path to endless hot showers today!

Water Heaters Repair in Nashville TN

Water Heater Maintenance

Maintaining your water heater is the best way to ensure it's always functional and that it lasts a long time. Regular maintenance will also ensure its efficiency, which is super important when it comes to energy costs. Some of the best DIY water heater maintenance tips include:

  • Testing and replacing the pressure-relief valve if necessary
  • Draining sediments from your hot water tank if you have a traditional hot water heater
  • Checking the thermostat periodically
  • Checking the pipes for leaks and seal issues
  • Ensuring everything looks good

If you want to ensure your hot water heater is in it for the long haul, it's best to have a professional hot water heater maintenance technician perform routine maintenance. We can help ensure you don't face any major repair issues, as well as ensure the safe operation of your water heater. Call our plumbing company located near Nashville today!

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Gold Star Plumbing has years of experience helping our friends and neighbors near Nashville with all of their plumbing, drain cleaning, and hot water heater needs. Our team offers exceptional services that you can rely on. Each and every day our mission is to repair, install, or maintain your plumbing and water heaters, so you can enjoy a clean, safe, and enjoyable life. Our certified and licensed plumbers can help answer your questions and offer helpful advice. We are more than happy to answer questions over the phone to even see if a plumbing service is warranted. Oftentimes, it's something super simple you can fix on your own.