La Vergne

Located just southeast of Nashville, La Vergne is a quaint town that residents love. Close to the big city but far enough away to be idyllic, La Vergne is a town full of life and hope. Gold Star Plumbing is proud to call La Vergne home. Our local plumbing company offers exceptional residential and light commercial plumbing services here and nearby. We are actively involved in the community and love to give back. Below, we'll take a look at the many plumbing services we provide, and contact us for a free estimate today!

Our Plumbing Services

Residential plumbing services run the gamut. Anything that has to do with your La Vergne home's plumbing, our local and licensed plumbers can handle. From plumbing inspections and maintenance services to plumbing repairs, installations, leak detection and repair, and overflowing toilets, our team can help. Below are some of the more common plumbing issues we face.

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Whether you are adding a home addition or a new fixture, our plumbers can help with new plumbing and piping installation services.

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Plumbing repairs include leaky pipes, overflowing toilets, dripping faucets and other fixtures, low water pressure issues, a broken garbage disposal, and more.

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Plumbing maintenance tends to be routine work where we check the health of your La Vergne's plumbing system and offer repairs as needed.

Light Commercial Plumbing Services

Our certified plumbers are proud to offer light commercial plumbing services to La Vergne businesses. These services include helping with office bathroom and kitchen plumbing needs, such as clogged drains and toilets, as well as office break room fixes, such as a broken ice or coffee machine (which is an emergency in our view!). We offer emergency plumbing services and preventative plumbing maintenance contracts, too.

Light Commercial Plumbing Services
Repiping Services Nashville TN

Repiping Services

A La Vergne home's repiping service includes the removal of old pipes and replacing them with new pipes. This is done for several reasons. Usually, the home's pipes are old and worn out and need to be replaced because they are causing many plumbing issues, such as leaks. Or, your pipes are old and may be a health hazard. Let us know how our team can help.

Water Heater Services

Hot water is crucial to almost everything we do in our homes. From taking a shower in the morning and washing our hands to washing dishes and our laundry, as well as cooking, we need hot water in order to maintain a comfortable, healthy lifestyle. We offer traditional and tankless water heater services in La Vergne. From water heater repairs to installations and maintenance, we've got your needs covered. and maintenance, we've got your needs covered.

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Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning

Admittedly, the average home in La Vergne uses a lot of water, and when water comes in, it has to have a way to be removed, which, in large part, is the job of drains. However, as you know, drains have the tendency to collect whatever is in water, and they can often become clogged. In this instance, it's best to have a professional plumber handle the drain cleaning job in order to ensure the drain is cleared for the long haul.

Water Line Repairs

All homes in La Vergne have a main water line that attaches to their water service. Homeowners are responsible for the water line that brings their property water, so if problems occur, the homeowner must get it fixed. Gold Star Plumbing offers the best water line repairs. Oftentimes, holes or cracks can develop in the pipe due to a number of factors, including corrosion, moisture, and even earthquakes. Our professional plumbers can ensure your home's water supply stays flowing. Call for details.

Water Line Repairs
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If you are looking for exceptional plumbing services in La Vergne, look no further than our family-owned plumbing company. We take pride in offering you the best plumbing services. We offer quick diagnostics and timely repairs, so you aren't without water or dealing with a clog any longer than you have to be. In addition, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers. After all, plumbing problems don't care about the time. Our mission is to ensure you have access to the water you need in order to lead a healthy and comfortable life.

If you have a problem with your pipes, clogs, water heater, or just have a question, call Gold Star Plumbing in La Vergne today!